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M3M is renowned for the quality of its work on high security components for the transport and energy industries.

With over 35 years experience as a specialised mechanical engineering company, our expertise in transforming foundry roughs is central to our industrial know-how. Our technicians are highly skilled in the special requirements needed to machine castings to the highest standards in partnership with foundries, forges and steel mills.

To supply our customers with assemblies and sub-assemblies that can directly integrate their production lines, we have developed skills around our core activity of mechanical engineering: mechanical welding, painting and finishing, assembly...

Quality and reliability

Suivi Qualité

We manufacture complex components in small and medium batches. Our skilled and experienced technicians are responsible for tool preparation, programming parameters, positioning components in assemblies, pilot production parts validations, measuring and recording for individual control reports.

M3M implements the different procedures defined in quality manuals in order to guarantee :

  • Respect of contracts with our clients and suppliers
  • Realizing set economical and industrial goals
  • Compliance with all of our social, legal and contractual responsibilities.

Quality procedures

  • Unit control minutes
  • Production report controls

Specific tests

  • Penetrant and magnetic particle inspection
  • Leak test


  • CEO : Xavier Dumas
  • 28 rue Aristide Gigot
  • 86120 Les Trois Moutiers
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone 05 49 98 86 40-Fax 05 49 22 37 74

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